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A studio and business that is dedicated to the whole woman. Mind, body and spirit.  Life is messy and sometimes we lose the twenty-something woman we used to be. Let's go find her and ReDiscover You!


I'm so glad you've landed here!

I'm Shelly and I am a Life and Transformation Coach.  I help women and men heal and move forward with their lives before, during and after some of the hardest trials they will experience.  Like each of them, I too have had to go through and move forward after a traumatic, emotionally charged divorce and psychological/emotional abuse.  I have learned how to heal, set boundaries and want to help others who are on this new journey.  

I believe I have created a space in my online programs where we can speak, be vulnerable and begin to look forward to a life that will be well lived.  Learning to trust again after betrayal and loss is hard, however trusting someone who has walked the same path as you, is exactly what it takes to learn to show up for yourself everyday and thrive!

You deserve to live a life of happiness!   Only you can create that, but you don't have to do it alone.  I am here to support you every step of the way and guide you forward into a wonderful new life.  You've got this!


The Journey Towards Healing Begins with one step, one breath and one hope on our path to ReDiscovering ourselves. Let's walk that path together today.

When I started working with Shelly I was very much a 'non-believer' in coaching and counseling.  I can honestly say she has helped me see things and the trauma I was subjected to.  Working with her has helped me with my PTSD and given me tools to work through my anxiety and I have started to heal.  I am very much a believer now!  Shelly speaks truth to not just women, but men too.  Thank you Shelly for opening my eyes and showing me a new life.


Shelly is truly intuitive and gifted at helping others through complex and difficult situations. She instinctually knows what others need and offers amazing and targeted support and advice. Her own life experience, education, common sense, critical thinking and the ability to know the human psyche in depth, make her a PHENOMINAL choice for a life coach! I highly, HIGHLY recommend  her!


Not knowing what the next phase of my life held after my husband died, I was lost.  Functioning on a day to day basis was exhausting.  Then when I started working with Shelly, she listened and I felt heard.  She understood my loss and grief, yet she wouldn't let me stay in grief mode.  She kept telling me, "You have to move forward to heal." And she was right.  Now a year later, I am beginning to feel like I can take on a day.  Teaching me to have grace and patience for myself was the best gift I have been given.


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